Custom & Standard Enclosures

enviroflo, Inc. designs and manufactures custom application specific enclosures. We also represent lab-scale scientific product manufacturers selling into the USA Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Electronics and Healthcare industries.

Partners Include:

  • Containment Technology Services, Ltd. (UK) -
    • Worldwide specialists in acrylic and stainless steel laboratory containment systems (powder handling enclosures, climate controlled enclosures, glove boxes)
    • Lab Bubble™ portable bench mounted containment solutions

Enclosure Design & Materials

enviroflo offers multiple project design package options. All projects begin with basic conceptual drawings that will transform and incorporate your ideas into our design structure.

We understand the need to be flexible in design, materials and cost to meet the ever changing demands of the industries we serve. Whether it is sourcing compatible materials for enclosures that will undergo decontamination with Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide, designing custom access doors and windows for BSC style applications or designing a few additional inches on either end to accommodate a special piece of equipment, enviroflo will accommodate these considerations.

Support & Installation

Our factory trained technicians will assure proper installation and certification of your custom enclosures. Each system includes a comprehensive warranty on materials and workmanship. We fully guarantee that each system will provide durability and long lasting aesthetic appeal within the most demanding environments.

In addition to our onsite installation support, enviroflo offers complete validation documentation as required and can perform document execution when requested to meet your industry or company regulations.