Product Information

Combination Positive and Negative Pressure BSC Class 2 Style HEPA Filtered Airflow for Product and Personnel Protection


  • Manufactured with standard 45mm extrusion and 1/4" clear polycarbonate panels
  • Deck work surface and custom shelving using ¾" black TRESPA©
  • Designed with a combination of sliding sash,gas spring assisted flip-up and hinged flip-down operator access doors
  • Incorporates 70%recirculating,30%exhaust airflow pattern
  • Front access opening with airflow sensor monitoring inward airflow
  • Automatic ramp-up HEPA filter speed to maintain 100 ft/min across face
  • Ceiling mounted HEPA filter with unidirectional airflow
  • Internal HEPA filtered exhaust directing filtered air back into the laboratory.