Product Information

Positive Pressure Airflow Design for Product Protection


  • Manufactured with standard 45mm extrusion and 1/4" clear polycarbonate panels
  • Deck work surface and custom shelving using ¾" black TRESPA©
  • Designed with flip-up gas spring assisted doors and multiple hinged drop-down operator doors
  • The rear is designed with two(2ea)lift-off access panels
  • Included is a flip-up gas-spring assisted door with a drop-down operator door
  • Two(2ea)custom designed pull-out pencil/tablet drawers
  • Designed to accommodate two(2ea)positive pressure 2' X 4' HEPA Filters,115v,50/60 HZ,variable speed control,@99.99%,0.3microns,30%ASHRAE pre-filter.CFM is nominal 632 on a 2 X 4,12 5/8" high.The running amperage requirement is 1.6A and the start-up requirement is 4.1A
  • Two(2ea)Acuity Lithonia LED strip light fixtures
  • Two(2ea)base units are assembled together matching the OD of the enclosure
  • Includes four(4ea)levelling casters
  • The control panel includes:
    • Mini-Helic for measuring delta pressure across HEPA filters
    • Variable control for the FFU fan speed
    • On/Off switch for LED lighting
    • Power input module
    • Roxtec EZ4 Entry